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Jungle Classics 1995 | DJ Outrage (Demolition Cru) & MC AD | Eruption FM 101.3 (Pirate Radio)

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Artwork by Take Me Back Pirate Radio Archives. Check out Eruption FM online: https://www.eruptionradio.uk/site/. This set featured DJ Outrage who is o...

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Artwork by Take Me Back Pirate Radio Archives. Check out Eruption FM online: https://www.eruptionradio.uk/site/. This set featured DJ Outrage who is one wing of the infamous Demolition Cru that played sets at the big name events like "Elevation Ravealation" at landmark venues in London like Wembley Entertainment Centre, Club UN, Crystal Palace National Sports Centre, The Paradise Club, Roller Express, Camden Palace, Astoria... during the explosion of Jungle music in the early to mid 90s. Outrage helped found and manage Eruption FM, also promoting successful rave nights like "Dance Explosion", and "Underground Alliance". Towards the rise of UK Garage he set up Erotic FM on the same frequency on 101.3FM also having some involvement in Industry FM, a short-lived Drum & Bass pirate that followed Erotic FM in the early 2000s. They also did sets on Addiction 95.2 FM in the lates 90s.

MC AD was one of few MCs on Eruption FM. The station wasn't known for being having many MCs. AD was a smooth operator who wouldn't pepper the tunes with lyrics and would toast the mic dropping the occasional lyrics and interacting with listeners/ravers which was part and part of being an MC in the early years of the scene.

1995 had epic raves: Jungle Fever: Carnival Special @ The Sanctuary (Milton Keynes), Jungle Fever: Christmas Cracker @Stevenage Ice Arena, Jungle Fever: The Wild Cats Back @The Sanctuary, Jungle Warfare 3 @The Warehouse (Stevenage), Thunder & Joy Boxing Day @Club UN, Thunder & Joy @SW1 Club, Thunder & Joy: Summer Breeze @Raw Club, Jungle Splash: Splash Club @Bridge Park Leisure Centre, Jungle Splash: North Meets West @Bridge Park Leisure Centre, Roast 1995 Christmas Party @Island Music Arena, Roast 1995 Easter Parade @Astoria, Roast 1995 4th Birthday Bash @Island Music Arena, Roast Valentines Party @Astoria, Roast Showcase @The Sanctuary, Dreamscape 20 @Brafield Aerodrome Fields, Heat @Atomics (Maidstone), Innovation NYE Ball @Club UN, Telepathy: Step In Time Part 2 @Island Music Arena, Telepathy: Every Friday @Wax Club, Stratford), Telepathy: Xmas Payback @Hippodrome, World Dance NYE 1995 @London Arena (Docklands), World Dance @Lydd International Airport.

The year of 1995 saw the proliferation of Jungle music record labels with tracks like: Leviticus ‎– Burial, DJ Zinc - Super Sharp Shooter (Remix), DJ Zinc - So Damn Fresh (Remix), DJ Hype & Ganja Max - Pum Pum Mus Smoke Ganja, DJ Hype & Ganja Max - Rinse Out, Congo Natty Ft. Top Cat - Champion DJ, Dope Skillz ‎– 6 Million Ways, Alex Reece ‎– Pulp Fiction, DJ Krust - Set Speed, P-Funk ‎– P-Funk Era, Prizna ‎Ft. Demolition Man – Fire, Rude Bwoy Monty ‎– Steppa's Anthem, Rude Bwoy Monty ‎– Warp 9 Mr Zulu, Mental Power & DJ SS ‎– Blue, DJ SS ‎– White, DJ SS ‎– Black, Hot Steppers ‎– Volume 1, Hot Steppers ‎– Volume 2, MA2 - Hearing Is Believing, Adam F ‎– Circles, London's Most Wanted Girls Dem Want It, Roni Size - Sexy Girl, Roni Size ‎– Fashion, Trinity ‎– Gangsta, Dillinja ‎– Mutha*ucka, Oh My Gosh! (The SS Remix), Mask ‎– Alright, Gang Related & Mask - Soldier, Shy FX ‎– Funkindemup, Shy FX ‎– This Style, Andy C - Roll On, L Double ‎– Music For The 90's, ST Files ‎– ST Files Part 2, Deadly D ‎– Punani Nuh Fi Nurse, L Double & Liccle D ‎– Dubplate Special, Sound Of The Future ‎– The Lighter, Urban Shakedown ‎– Arsonist, LTJ Bukem ‎– Horizons, Ray Keith Vol. 1 - Keep On, DJ Rap ‎– Come Forth, Rude & Deadly – Lightnin And Tunda, Remarc ‎– R.I.P., Goldie - Kemistry (VIP Mix), Cutty Ranks ‎– Limb By Limb (DJ SS Mix), Studio 2 ‎– Dirty Games / Who Jah Bless?, T Power - Amber Light (Shy FX remix), Capone ‎– Soldier / Massive, Voyager Part 2 - Eastern Promise, Trace ‎– Lost Entity (Remix), DJ Gunshot ‎– Bad Boy, Da Intalex ‎- I Like It, General Degree ‎– Papa Lover Jungle, DJ Lewi Ft. Daddy Freddy - After Hours, DJ Lewi You Better Run, DJ Lewi - You Better Run, Digital - Touch Me (95 Agony Mix), Kemet Crew ‎– The Seed, Kemet Crew ‎– The Box Re-Opens...

Out to all the London FM pirates of the past. Here's a list of some of our most loved pirate radio stations in frequency order from 1989-2005: Flava FM 87.6 / Shine FM 87.9 / Rude FM 88.2 / Impact FM 88.2 / Centreforce FM 88.3 / Unity FM 88.4 / Conflict FM 88.4 / Ice FM 88.4 / London Underground FM 89.4 / Defection FM 89.4 / Raw FM 90.0 / Raw Mission 90.0 / Pure Magic FM 90.2 / Pulse FM 90.6 / Chicago FM 90.6 / Mission FM 90.6 / Y2K FM 90.6 / Rinse FM 91.8 / Passion FM 91.8 / Format FM 92.3 / Weekend Rush FM 92.3 / Kik FM 92.3 / Deja Vu FM 92.3 / Taste FM 92.5 / Mac FM 92.7 / Freeze FM 92.7 / Stompin’ FM 94.2 / Kool FM 94.5 / Origin FM 95.2 / Rinse FM 97.6 / Fantasy FM 98.6 / Future FM 99.1 / Upfront FM 99.3 / Rinse FM 100.3 / Pressure FM 100.4 / Don FM 100.5 / Eruption FM 101.3 / Erotic FM 101.3 / Industry FM 101.3 / Freek FM 101.8 / Chillin’ FM 102.9 / Delight FM 103.0 / Flex FM 103.6 / Rude FM 104.3 / Ruud Awakening FM 104.3 / Girls FM 106.8 / Dream FM 107.0 / Don FM 107.9
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