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Mime Short Horror Film | Screamfest

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Short horror film, Mime, premiered in Screamfest 2020. A dimension-shifting mime player is disturbed in his peace by a student fraternity. His respons...

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Short horror film, Mime, premiered in Screamfest 2020.
A dimension-shifting mime player is disturbed in his peace by a student fraternity. His response is unexpected: by using the fourth wall, he turns their world on its head; literally. However, his powers are useless to achieve romance.
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Directed by:
Ruwan Heggelman
Produced by:
Marijn van der Ploeg
Executive Producer(s):
Jop Gorris, Thij de Haan & Ruwan Heggelman
Written by:
Jop Gorris, Thij de Haan & Ruwan Heggelman
Main Cast:
Jop Gorris Thij de Haan Olaf Wilting Max Hettema Carline Dedden Marit Golstein
About the Director(s):
Ruwan Heggelman started making short films after experiencing the amazing Shaun of the Dead way back in 2004. At the age of 13 he finished his first zombie film and his journey to become a filmdirector had started. The dark side of humanity appeals to Heggelman, because it lives in everyone and it just needs the right incentives to wake up. It is one big playground for interesting themes, stories & characters. He graduated from the University of the Arts Utrecht as a writer & director with the Tuschinski film nominated short film Best Friends. Best Friends is a 30 minute buddy comedy, with a touch of horror, film and has been shown at 20+ film festivals and various movie theatres for a year and a half. After the succes of Best Friends he started focusing on other theme's and genre's. The short romantic comedy with a fantasy twist I Can Fly was born after experiencing a emotional abstract dream, that tried to process certain experiences. He took inspiration from the abstract dream and wrote the scenario together with Thij de Haan. He directed I Can Fly, with Remy Jesse Schepers as the producer at his side. Heggelman is constantly looking for interesting perspectives for telling a story, often with a mash-up of genre's, like his SCREAMFEST selected short film MIME. The film serves as a pilot for a full fledged (web) series or feature film. Heggelman and his team are currently looking for parties to collaborate.


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