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Primal (2010) এর বাংলায় explanation | Primal Horror movie Summarized In বাংলা

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Primal (2010) Movie Explained in bangla |Primal (2010) Horror Film Primal (2010) Horror Action Movie story in bangla Haunting bangla Explaining the en...

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Primal (2010) Movie Explained in bangla |Primal (2010) Horror Film
Primal (2010) Horror Action Movie story in bangla Haunting bangla
Explaining the ending of Primal (2010) | Explained in Bangla
Primal Movie Explained in Bangla

Check out Primal (2010) Thriller movie explained in bangla . The American Thriller Horror film “Primal: Parasites Hunt” story summarized with a full ending in বাংলা explanation. The Plot is about the group of friends who move to a mountain to study rock paintings drawn on the cave. Reaching there, they face many mysterious things and they become the victim of that place one by one until the last survivor is survived. The first mishap is faced by their one friend "Mel" who is horrifically attacked after coming out of the pond of that place. Actually these are parasites which make her as such. She becomes mutant and tries to hunt everyone like an aggressive animal-like state. Then another friend "Dace" also becomes the victim . Then, it is also revealed that there is also another creature which dwells in the cave. But "Anja" , the last survivor, fights with it in the cave while her other friend "Kris" meets her end there. "Anja" jumps out of the cave and encounters "Mel mutant". But "Anja" also kills her with a big rock . So only one friend is survived named "Anja"

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