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Top 10 Scary Videos That Are Sus

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With this countdown, I bring you the top 10 list of scary videos that are sus. Only the recordings that I found downright horrifying, shivery, and utt...

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With this countdown, I bring you the top 10 list of scary videos that are sus. Only the recordings that I found downright horrifying, shivery, and utterly trembling have made their way to the list, so be sure not to watch these scary videos if you're home alone. For the horror-obsessed peeps like you and I, nothing compares to the side of the internet that's stuffed with unsettling, creepy videos featuring disturbing and unnervingly scary clips.

Because it’s all fun and games scrolling until you see a video with a spooky thumbnail and a creepy title that gives you piercing chills by just glancing at it once. The video you're about to watch is jam-packed with the most nightmarish of such clips.
The entries of this list feature paranormal events, supernatural occurrences, scary videos that have no explanations, mysterious happenings, revoltingly eerie footages, and actual instances of hauntings.

For real, do not watch these creepy videos if you are easily scared as the listings in this vid are certain to send shivering chills right down your spine that won't let you sleep in peace for days.
There are plenty of creepy videos in this list that will leave you genuinely frantic and shaking in your shoes. That said, I realize you're also as much a fan of the horror genre as I am. That's why you and I are here, right?

To all the horror fans and thrill-seeking souls out there, I want to say if you truly appreciate scary videos and are into paranormal, creepy, and mysterious stuff that gives you the chills, make sure to check my other videos! I analyze bone-chilling scary happenings captured on camera. Truth be told, many clips are so petrifying that if they weren't caught on tape, you wouldn't have believed they happened!

Now and again, everyone wants to feel the most exhilarating of all emotions out there — being scared stiff, but keeping safe at the same time. The collection of these scary videos would let you feel just that! So, if you get too scared and jittery, remember that you're watching this from the comfort of your home, all safe and sound behind a screen. But do not forget the fact that somewhere out there, someone experienced the events in these creepy videos first hand!

So out of these nightmarey entries, which ones freaked you out of your wits the most? And which ones your mind is likely to replay in your head time and again? Let me know in the comments below!

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