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Top 10 Scary Videos That Will Give You Chills

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As the sun goes down and the darkness gathers, there is just one thing left to do — settle in for a night of entertainment by binge-watching some scar...

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As the sun goes down and the darkness gathers, there is just one thing left to do — settle in for a night of entertainment by binge-watching some scary videos that will give you chills. And this list of top 10 creepy videos does just that. Warning: The entries on this list are more frightening than Jake and Tana's wedding. All jokes aside, the dread factor in this list of scary videos is so palpable that it might give you a ridiculous fear of the dark. Honestly, there is something really, really off about these clips that may not only make your skin crawl but it also might just make you jump right out of your body altogether. The fear element is so massive that even someone like me — who's been watching horror for years — was left all jittery.

If you are a fan of horror just like me, then fortunately, the shedload of scary videos on the eerie side of the internet should be enough to keep you gleefully occupied for however long you feel like. But unfortunately, the vast majority of such videos would fail to meet your horror standards if you have ever watched any creepy videos that are remotely close to being decent. So, what do you do? How to find your horror fix to keep you frightened from the comfort of your couch. That's where this list of top 10 creepy videos comes in.

Each of the scary videos in this top 10 list is sure to leave you questioning every little creak you hear. So if you think you can cope with the chills, buckle down and get on with this list…and be prepared to not sleep for the coming few weeks. Now, onto a serious word of advice — The hold-no-punches eeriness of the hair-raising, and downright abominable happenings shown in these scary videos may stick with you for a lifetime. I'm being real with you here. If at any point, you feel like you are losing touch with the soundness of your mind, be wise and back off. Being needlessly courageous would be just unwise, which is what I'm advising you not to be, especially in regards to scary videos of the kind you are about to watch. The ominous dread will send chills up your spine at will, and there will be nothing you could do about it.

If you think you can deal with the cowering fear and cold sweat these creepy videos have to offer, you can go ahead and watch them. Finished watching the entire countdown? If so, great! If not, hey, not the end of the world, right?
Which of these scary videos freaked you out of your wits the most? Make sure to let me know right below in the comments!

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